Bozeman, Montana
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Amy Pleasant

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Works exhibited in Excuse Me, Thank You, Pardon Me, I’m Trying to Dance
On view from June 26-July 31, 2021

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Untitled (Feet 2),
silkscreen print on hand-dyed indigo on canvas
48 x 96”

Untitled (Feet 1),
silkscreen print on hand-dyed indigo on canvas
48 x 96”

Available Edition:

As They Touch, 2020
2 color silkscreen, India ink
44 x 30.5”
edition of 12

(framing options available an additional cost)

About the print:
“I spent this year thinking about human interaction and more specifically, touch. During this period of isolation many works in the studio explored images of reclining figures that appear heavy, exhausted by the anxiety of the unknown.”

As They Touch, looks down on a pair of legs, one bent into the crook of another as if sprawled on a bed. A second pair of legs was then positioned on top to suggest notonly movement but also that these two figures could be sharing space, one touching the other, even if just slightly.

Pleasant’s work includes painting, drawing, and ceramic sculpture, all exploring the body and language through repetition. This edition grew from a series of ink on paper drawings in Pleasant’s studio in Birmingham, Alabama and was printed in Bozeman, Montana during the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020.