Ankle Slappers
Robert Kieswetter

September 30 - October 23, 2021
Brackett Creek Editions, Chinatown, NY


Press Release

Brackett Creek is pleased to present Ankle Slappers, an exhibition of four new works on paper by Robert Kieswetter alongside an edition made at Brackett Creek, Montana this past summer. 

Kieswetter largely made the works from this series while on tour (during downtime in the back of the van, in greenrooms, in the recording studio). He has toured with acts including Hot Chip, Ratatat and Joanna Newsom under the stage name Bobby Birdman. In addition to traditional venues, Kieswetter has performed at The Getty, Centre Pompidou, Nicodim Gallery, Rental Gallery and New Image Art.

Each work on paper may appear abstract at first glance, but is created more as figuration. Kieswetter attempts to capture the beauty, humor, or heartbreak of the liminal, to cling to some transient element of experience.

Mirroring his musical practice, these figurations can also be seen as riffs or improvisations, worked on spontaneously in notebooks, with the few materials at his disposal while on the road. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Kieswetter established a more stationary practice, carving out a home-based studio, incorporating new mediums, such as house paint, and expanding to larger works on paper and canvas.

Robert Kieswetter (b. 1978 Nevada City, CA) is an LA-based musician and visual artist.

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