Bozeman, Montana
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Brian Lotti

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Works exhibited in Excuse Me, Thank You, Pardon Me, I’m Trying to Dance (Part 2)
On view from August 6-September 6, 2021

Road bend, sunset, 2019
oil on canvas, 18x24″
Valley glow, sunset, 2019
oil on canvas, 18x24″

Works exhibited at Brackett Creek Editions NY
Previously from July 17 - August 21 2021

Works exhibited in Brian Lotti
Previously on view from July 20 - August 3, 2019


Available Editions:

Land of Lotti
7 color silkscreen
100% cotton longsleeve tee

Brackett Creek, 2019
42 color silkscreen
30.5 x 44” each
61 x 44” overall
edition of 12