Bozeman, Montana
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       NADA House 2021

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Georgia McGovern

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Works exhibited in Excuse Me, Thank You, Pardon Me, I’m Trying to Dance
On view from June 26-July 31, 2021

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Guston Window, 2020
oil and chalk on canvas, 40x30”

Blue Window, 2020-2021
oil and chalk on canvas, 40x30”

307 Clinton, 2021
oil on canvas, 14x16”

Caspar Window, 2021
oil on linen, 16x12”

Stained Glass, 2021
oil on canvas, 14x12”

Available Edition:

Set from Behind, 2021
6 color silkscreen
44 x 30.5”
edition of 15

(framing options available an additional cost)